Our Age of Innocence and Erotica

Reading Material

Our June book club meeting was truly ambitious. We did not limit ourselves to a mere two book discussion but instead read a total six different books between the five of us.  In the picture above you will find our selection of erotic literature, The Age of Innocence, our thematically fashioned fruit platter along with our cocktail – sex on the beach – with accompanying penis straw.

Our goal for this book club meeting was to broaden our horizons and deepen our appreciation for the less refined (although certainly not less appreciated) genre of literature known as erotica.  We also read The Age of Innocence so that we didn’t feel like total weirdos.

Since everyone had the opportunity to select their own piece of erotica, we had a wide variety of topics to discuss. Each Champion chose a book that clearly reflected their own interests, fetishes and experiences. The following awards were given to each member after everyone had reported on their selections and described what they had learned:

Champion Lauren: Chose the book that had the most to do with Pirates. It also talked about imperialism. Kind of. This made Champion Lauren’s book very educational and socially aware.

Champion Smash: Chose the book that had the most to do with Dislexia. Her book also wins an award for making us more aware of the social, psychological and emotional issues that erotica can address.

Champion Jill: Chose the book that had the most to do with Ghosts and how one best has carnal relationships with said ghost. Champion Jill also had to read a lot of pages before anyone -dead or alive – had sex.

Champion Steph: Chose the book that had the most to do with Dukes. Her book was very historically accurate and breathed new life into what could have been a cliche topic.

Champion Hannah: Chose the book that had the most to do with a Menage a Trois and brothers. Champion Hannah also had the most disgusting book discussed at bookclub. (She’s a little bit proud of that fact).

Everyone also enjoyed reading The Age of Innocence. Some thought that perhaps Edith Wharton’s writing style was of a slightly higher caliber than that of our erotic fiction authors. Although, we were all expecting the words “throb,” “ravage” and “pulsate” to occur more frequently in Edith’s book and were all overwhelmed by the existence of a plot in her story.

It was an evening of laughter, love and learning. Also of disbelief, squeamishness and hysteria.

We raised our glasses and penis straws to: champions, innocence and the erotic.




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