Facebook Champion?

Champion Jill took this photo of me using Old Booth, an amazing iPhone app that turns everything hilarious.

I can’t decide if I am champion enough to make it my Facebook profile picture. So, I put it to you, champions, to give me feedback and comments as to what this image means to you, and wether or not I am indeed Champion enough…



3 responses to “Facebook Champion?

  1. Right now, I am just fighting off jealousy that I do not have one of these for ME. I am confused why this is even a question. You MUST use this as your profile pic. I guarantee people will go nuts in the best way possible. In fact, if you use it and they don’t I will agree to use ANY PIC OF YOUR CHOOSING as my profile pic. You are already my hero, Champion Stef. But if you take this Facebook profile action, your pedestal will shoot up even higher. To the heavens! -Champion Lauren

  2. I can’t believe you’re even posing this question to your fellow champions. There is no question. There is only action!

  3. You, Champion Steph, can rock that picture more than anyone I have ever known, met or imagined.

    In fact, should you have chosen NOT to post this picture on Facebook I would have considered it a crime against humanity and acted accordingly.

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