Where Have All the Innovators Gone? China.

My original nominee for the latest installment of Champion Scampion of the Week was a cupcake shaped like a hamburger.  I loved how this particular cupcake flouted the new logic in food trends:

Cupcakes no longer hold the imagination of respectable New Yorkers (the rest of the country doesn’t exist, even as I sit in San Francisco).   Pie is the new cupcake, Magnolia Bakery!  Shove off and take your dry, tasteless vanilla cake recipe with you!

I also debated giving notice to the deliriously fabulous trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s new psycho sexual camp ballet drama, “Black Swan.”  That’s some crazy doppelganging right there.  My ass is in that seat come December 1st.

While hamburger pastries and point dancing are fine additions to any Champion’s wall, my new nominee for Champion Scampion of the Week is Chinese transportation innovation!  Champions, I present to you the “Straddling Bus!”

Did you see the simulated bus straddle the highway full of simulated speeding cars?!  That’s the Champion Scampion spirit, China!

Step up your game, America!



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